FVES Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Kindergartners

Flower Valley Elementary School wants to ensure that your child's first day is safe, enjoyable, and a bright beginning to a lifetime of learning. To help ensure a smooth start to the day, the school uses 5th grade safety patrols who are supervised by PE teacher Scott Taubman, "Mr. T". The purpose of the Patrol Program is to provide safety before and after school - especially for kindergartners.

Bus Riders:

Kindergartners arriving by bus will be escorted by a patrol to the playground outside their classroom. There they will be greeted by their assigned patrols. At the end of each day, assigned patrols will escort kindergarten bus riders to their appropriate buses. Your child will have a "mode of transportation" tag attached to his or her backpack identifying students as bus riders.

Car Riders:

Kindergartners arriving by car will be dropped off in the car pick-up/drop-off lane where they will be greeted by patrols as early as 8:40am. The car pick-up/drop-off lane is in the staff parking lot at the east end of the school. As your car pulls up a patrol will open the car door and help your child out of the car and escort them to the playground outside their classroom where they will be greeted by the patrol assigned to their class. At the end of each day, assigned patrols will walk the kindergartners to the front side door where they will line up along the wall and wait for their car to pull up. Your child will have a "mode of transportation" tag attached to their backpack identifying them as a car rider. When you arrive, a patrol will escort your child and help them into your car. In addition, even if your child has been brought to your car, please be patient as you must wait in the car line until it is your turn to exit. For safety reasons, drivers must stay in their car and not pull ahead in the pick-up/drop-off lane outside the orange cones.

Morning Line-up:

Patrols will keep children in their line-up location, as well as ease morning jitters with some fun games. Kindergarten teachers will greet their class at the line-up when the first bell rings at 8:50am.

Inclement Weather

In the morning, children will be escorted from their bus or their car indoors to the hallway outside their class where they will line up and wait for their teachers. During dismissal, bus rider procedure is the same; car riders will line up just inside the side double doors and wait for their car.


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