PTA President's Letter

August 2017


Welcome to a new year at Flower Valley Elementary School!  Whether this is your first experience on Sunflower Drive or you are a veteran FVES parent, I am so pleased as PTA president to help you feel connected to our school community.  As you might have heard, we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the school; while our mascot hasn’t always been the Firefly, that’s a lot of years of children learning how to “light the way” within the walls of FVES and beyond!


Our PTA is but a small part of a larger organization that goes from the school level to the county level to the state level to the national level, but the purpose for us all is to “make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”  To this end, the PTA at FVES funds all sorts of programming, both academic and social, in addition to providing resources to parents, teachers, and staff that allow for an environment where our students—ALL our students--can thrive.


Despite what you might see in popular culture (and I’m an unabashed lover of pop culture), “PTA Moms” (and Dads) are NOT screechy, domineering, political animals.  At least, they are not at Flower Valley.  We have a long tradition of working closely with school administration to cultivate opportunities and experiences that enrich our community, like cultural arts assemblies, reading nights, carnivals.  Like bingo nights, book fairs, and balls--and even parent encouragement presentations, science nights, and fun runs.   Your PTA leaders are all volunteers, giving some extra hours to help make the school experience a little brighter for kids at FVES.  (Hey, look at that-- we light the way, too!  We are all fireflies!)


We would love to have YOU join us!  Most literally, this means we hope you will purchase a PTA membership, either through the paper membership form, or through our website ( More broadly, that can mean coming to a meeting, engaging with our programming, or lending a hand behind the scenes.  Mostly, I want you to know what I’ve learned over the past four years of being an elementary school parent: connection comes through participation!  It is my hope that each of you will feel a connection to FVES, to our shared community—and I want to help you get there!  PLEASE introduce yourself to me (I’m the big smiler who will be at every event!) and let me know how we can get you connected to other Flower Valley ES families to make our school as strong as it can be!


See you at the PTA Back-to-School Picnic on Friday, September 8th from 5:30-7:00pm!



Emily Kenton (parent to a 1st grader and a 4th grader)


PS:  I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.  If you want to receive updates about events and opportunities within our school community, please join our Listserv!


Send an email to “” to make sure you are never out of the loop!



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